Jane Yogi 1 Quiet seclusion amongst nature

 Quiet seclusion amongst nature, with abundance of public transit close by

This  jewel tucked above Quepos, away from the crowds and crime. Amazingly  cooler temperatures than in the crowded towns by the beaches, but you  can quickly access those areas. A fresh River to swim in, a  neighborhood restaurant with home grown tasty food at very affordable  prices. You can walk up the mountain trails and roads, you can choose  between 9 public buses each day to take you to Quepos, one later evening  so you can enjoy sunsets on the beach.
Amenities are basic, and  some unique! Elena the hostess is a gem. I am most fortunate to spend  time with her. She goes above and beyond for her guests. The tastiest  Margaritas too!
River rafting, horseback riding, surfing, all close at hand.

Tip: You can tent by the creek, or the Jungalow room with bug netting, 3 types of rooms to chose from. 

  • Stayed: January 2017,

Barry Boullon Highly recommended place to visit!!!

At  first I was a little worried about the road to Londres. The description  Elena gave in her profile sounded a bit ominous but compared to some of  the roads I had been on in Costa Rica I found it to be a breeze and  well worth the trek. Finca Amanecer is truly beautiful and perfectly placed between the quaint little town of Londres and and a beautiful  river with an epic swimming hole. I was able to enjoy more than my share  of fresh star fruit, sprouted coconut and raw cacao. The fruit alone  was worth the journey. Highly recommended place to visit!!! Thank you  Elena, you were a gracious and wonderful host.

Marc Santoni

Little  piece of paradise, full of fruits and animals, with a beautiful river to swim. Elena is a very nice and helpful host. Make the detour to  Londres, it is worth it!

Vervenne Antonie


I  stayed 8 or 9 nights at this farm after my passport and some credit  cards were stolen at Playa Uvita.  Caretakers Grant and Lily made me feel very welcome during  this difficult time.
The Campgrounds provides several sheltered places where you can camp, an  outdoor shower, a Yukon-style outhouse and a patio with a large  collection of books.   Dozens cyclisofts passed through while I stayed there, among  others, I had the honor of meeting Matthew and Ross. Every single  cyclist stayed at least 2 nights on this farm, one cyclist (Ross) even  inquired about long-term volunteering possibilities. I think this proves  that even though the Camping  accommodations are very basic, cyclists  enjoy the place and will take a day off here to update their blog or  plan their route or whatever.


I believe Elena offers a unique type of Camping accommodation along the  Panamerican route,

Laettner A Tico enjoys nature here

I  had the opportunity to visit this amazing place just a couple of months  ago. It was just great to see nature everywhere and even as a Tico  visitor and knowing we are used to nature, Finca Amanecer is a  beautiful and affordable place to go and stay with friends, family or just by  yourself. Elena, the owner, really makes you feel  at home  and makes you feel comfortable. It is far away from the city but that  keeps the tourist away from the pollution the danger that comes along  with cities!   San Jose, Costa Rica1Reviewed April 24, 2015